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Punches and Dies





Langslow Engineering Punch and Die


Langslow Engineering has been manufacturing punches and dies for over 35 years, supplying press tooling for engineering companies from Kaitia to Invercargill.

We stock a wide range of round, square and oblong punches and dies for Peddinghaus presses. We also stock round punches for Scotchman, Omera, Sunrise and Ficep.

Langslow Engineering can manufacture any sort of odd shape punch and die.

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• Hardened and ground Punch Holder
• High tensile punch nut, bolster and spanner
• Slotted and square punches, located with key
• Punches and dies from 03.0mm to 32.0mm
• All other shapes and sizes made to order
• Three die clearances 0.2, 0.7, 1.2mm